Remote Support

Integrated data management

Our complete suite of data services allows for health check projects to be seamlessly integrated from end-to-end. From targeting the eligible cohort, to transferring data to patient records, our data services offer a uniquely sophisticated solution to commissioners.

IT Support

Our specialist IT support teams tend to operate as the administrative ‘back office’ for the companies and councils that we work with. We’re highly reactive to our clients’ requirements and locally-configure our systems for each project.

Our Data Services Include

Call & recall

This module allows GP practices to risk stratify a cohort of patients and identify those eligible for a health check. Targeted invites can then be generated and the patient response rate tracked

Data Transfer

We supply a module for sending health check results electronically to patient records. This process can occur regardless of the range of clinical systems in use

Analysis and Reporting

This real-time status reporting means commissioners are fully informed of local health trends and provider performance is closely tracked

Payment processing

Our teams attend to the technicalities involved in invoicing and payment processing so that providers and commissioners can concentrate on delivery