Remote Support

A solution for NHS Health Checks

With Public Health England setting a target to deliver 15 million health checks by 2018/19, many councils are assessing whether they’ve got the skills, support and IT systems to meet the demand. Having been involved with the national programme since it began, we’ve developed a solution for NHS Health Checks that puts patients first and provides complete support to commissioners.

Working Closely With All Parties

We work closely with all parties – from frontline providers, to programme leads, to create a service that’s locally tailored and cost effective. From the initial set-up of a service to its rollout and maintenance, our support teams are on hand to make sure your project runs smoothly and successfully.

What We Do


Conduct patient-focused health and wellbeing assessments


Use 'point of care' testing for instant and accurate results


Learn how to deliver motivational health checks

Data Services

Integrate your project from end-to-end