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Software for health checks

Health Options® is an IT programme used to conduct a variety of health and wellbeing assessments. Widely used for delivering NHS Health Checks, the software functions as a tool for processing invites, assessing cardiovascular risk and transferring health check data to patient records.

Health Options Software Health Options Software Health Options Software Health Options Software


The software is designed to guide patients through a range of non-invasive tests and produce detailed personal reports. Both patient and provider are able to share the magazine-style screens and any high-risk lifestyle behaviours are automatically flagged for discussion.

Health Options Software

What It Can Do

Calculate CVD Risk

The built-in CVD risk calculator gives patients their ‘heart age’ and information on their likelihood of developing a heart attack or stroke. These CVD risk scores are displayed in intuitive ways using simple icon arrays

What If You Change?

The software contains powerful motivational tools – such as the ‘what if you change’ feature – that can be used to show the effects of making lifestyle changes

Generate Invites

Providers are also able to use the programme to generate health check invites, conduct GP referrals and electronically transfer health data straight to patient records

Integrate and Customise

Our software can be integrated into existing health facilities or can form the basis of a new business. No prior computer experience is required and the programme is flexible enough to incorporate any additional questions that commissioners or users may wish gather data on